discover the wawilib features

Easy connection scanner

The WawiLib connection dialog lets you select all possible combinations of interfaces with 1 click and WawiLib figures out itself what the right settings are by scanning the buses according to your selections (screenshot)

Detailed feedback and diagnostics via output window

Protocol details, communication messages, variables written, data recording details, communication interface details,... (screenshot)

Communication with multiple Arduino’s in parallel

Works also via Arduino USB interface

WawiLib can use the Arduino programming connection via USB (but also supports Wifi, wired network and Serial)

Typical read time < 20 ms/variable

Easy coding

Variables are exposed in your sketch via 1 line of code in a function. Example: WawiVar(A)

Variables can be read and written while the Arduino circulates through its main loop

Trigger the write job by pressing the "enter" key after typing a new value

All config files (interfaces, variables, settings) are in XML format

Supported display formats

INT, UINT, HEX, CHAR, STRING, FLOAT, DOUBLE and String. Support of arrays of all these formats (including strings)

Array, structure and string support

WawiLib supports arrays or all simple 'C'-types, individual fields of structures and strings of characters

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