for developing

  • Classical way:
    • use console and complex input and output functions.
    • program stops loop waiting for input and output.
  • Wawilib way:
    • connect dummy or real variables to input and outputs of schetches
    • modify input variables an read results in the Wawilib Users interface grid

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Inspect and modify variables while the loop is running.

Inspect the same variable at different places (observation points) in the schetch. (future)

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as user interface

Connect to Arduino over your Wifi network.

Change settings of a project you wrote (ex. Domotica light application)

Turn functions on and off

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as data recorder

Log variables to a text file.
Log variables to a xml file.
Log variables to an ODBC database. (future)

Typical application: weather station

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at school

Define a variable A.

Visualize the same variable in INT, HEX, UINT …

Modifying the variable in one place will automatically show the value in all formats.

Students can focus on the application and use Wawilib for observing and modifying variables

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